Our Services

Our goal is to deliver excellent, individualised and inclusive services to people in need of personal care, range of disabilities and complex needs. We are committed to providing quality, excellent services and value for money to those that use our services. The services we deliver make positive impacts on our clients.

Home and personal care services we offer include:

  • Support with daily living skills such as; shopping, meal preparation, laundry, house chores, gardening and personal care needs.
  • Night sitting and sleep-in
  • Social companionship
  • Getting up in the morning and putting to bed at night.
  • Welfare calls
  • Residential supports
  • Support to leisure and day centres.
  • Home care support tailored to meet the needs of people with:
  • Learning disability
  •  Autism and Asperger’s syndrome
  •  Challenging behaviour
  •  Mental health needs
  •  Sensory and communication impairments
  •  Acquired Brain Injuries (ABI)
  •  People with physical disabilities
  •  16+ and older adults 65+

Hosanna Social Care Services delivery descriptions also includes


HSCS is committed to the prevention and reduction of the risk of harm to the people we support. We work collaboratively with all agencies and relevant parties in relation to any safeguarding matters. Furthermore, we operate zero tolerance of abuse, regardless of who the potential abuser is. Any form of abuse will be challenged at every level; our staffs are CRB checked and have safeguarding training.  We also ensure everyone in the company has a responsibility to tackle and report abuse as part of our policy and duty of care.

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